Technical Report No. 15-1 (PDF | 967KB)

Dimension Reduction for Multinomial Models Via a Kolmogorov-Smirnov Measure (KSM)

Stephen C. Loftus, Leanna L. House, Myra C. Hughey, Jenifer B. Walke, Matthew H. Becker, and Lisa K. Belden



Technical Report No. 14-4 (PDF | 499KB)

Interaction Analysis of Three Combination Drugs via a Modified Genetic Algorithm

Wen Wan and Jeffrey B. Birch


Technical Report No. 14-3 (PDF | 216KB)

Effect of Phase I Estimation on Phase II Control Chart Performance with Profile Data

Yajuan Chen, Jeffrey B. Birch, and William H. Woodall


Technical Report No. 14-2 (PDF | 954KB)

A Phase I Cluster-Based Method for Analyzing Nonparametric Profiles

Yajuan Chen, Jeffrey B. Birch, and William H. Woodall


Technical Report No. 14-1 (PDF | 975KB)

Outlier Robust Nonlinear Mixed Model Estimation

James D. Williams, Jeffrey B. Birch, and Abdel-Salam G. Abdel-Salam



Technical Report No. 12-5 (PDF | 437KB)

An Improved Hybrid Genetic Algorithm with a New Local Search Procedure

Wen Wan and Jeffrey B. Birch


Technical Report No. 12-4 (PDF | 1MB)

Nonparametric and Semiparametric Linear Mixed Models

Megan J.Waterman, Jeffrey B. Birch, and Abdel-Salam G. Abdel-Salam


Technical Report No. 12-3 (PDF | 796KB)

Statistical Methods for Degradation Data with Dynamic Covariates Information and an Application to Outdoor Weathering Data

Yili Hong, Yuanyuan Duan, William Q. Meeker, Deborah L. Stanley, and Xiaohong Gu


Technical Report No. 12-3 (PDF | 796KB)

Cluster-Based Bounded Influence Regression

David E. Lawrence, Jeffrey B. Birch, and Yajuan Chen


Technical Report No. 12-1 (PDF | 203KB)

Cluster-Based Profile Monitoring in Phase I Analysis

Yajuan Chen and Jeffrey B. Birch



Technical Report No. 11-3 (PDF | 883KB)

Model Robust Calibration: Method and Application to Electronically-Scanned Pressure Transducers

Eric L. Walker, B. Alden Starnes, Jeffrey B. Birch, and James E. Mays


Technical Report No. 11-2 (PDF | 108KB)

On Computing the Distribution Function for the Sum of Independent and Non-identical Random Indicators

Yili Hong


Technical Report No. 11-1 (PDF | 884KB)

Using a Modified Genetic Algorithm to Find Feasible Regions of a Desirability Function

Wen Wan and Jeffrey B. Birch



Technical Report No. 10-2 (PDF | 423KB)

Nonparametric and Semiparametric Mixed Model Methods for Phase I Profile Monitoring

Abdel-Salam G. Abdel-Salam, Jeffrey B. Birch, and Willis A. Jensen


Technical Report No. 10-1 (PDF | 412KB)

A Test for an Abrupt Change in Weibull Hazard Functions with Staggered Entry and Type I Censoring

Matthew R. Williams and Dong-Yun Kim



Technical Report No. 09-2 (PDF | 920KB)

An Improved Genetic Algorithm Using a Directional Search

Wen Wan and Jeffrey B. Birch


Technical Report No. 09-1 (PDF | 379KB)

A Semiparametric Technique for the Multi-Response Optimization Problem

Wen Wan and Jeffrey B. Birch



Technical Report No. 08-4 (PDF | 577KB)

Technical Report on the Evaluation of Median Rank Regression and Maximum Likelihood Estimation Techniques for a Two-Parameter Weibull Distribution

Denisa Olteanu and Laura Freeman


Technical Report No. 08-3 (PDF | 227KB)

Monitoring Markov Dependent Observations with a Log-Likelihood Based CUSUM

Shabnam Mousavi and Marion R. Reynolds, Jr.


Technical Report No. 08-1 (PDF | 878KB)

An Investigation of Combinations of Multivariate Shewhart and MEWMA Control Charts for Monitoring the Mean Vector and Covariance Matrix

Marion R. Reynolds, Jr. and Zachary G. Stoumbos



Technical Report No. 07-3 (PDF | 449KB)

Linear Mixed Model Robust Regression

Megan J. Waterman, Jeffrey B. Birch, and Oliver Schabenberger


Technical Report No. 07-2 (PDF | 324KB)

Statistical Monitoring of Nonlinear Product and Process Quality Profiles

James D. Williams, William H. Woodall, and Jeffrey B. Birch


Technical Report No. 07-1 (PDF | 330KB)

Error Models in Geographic Information Systems Vector Data Using Bayesian Methods

Kimberly R. Love, Eric P. Smith, Keying Ye, and Stephen P. Prisley



Technical Report No. 06-8

The Use of Control Charts in Health-Care and Public-Health Surveillance

William H. Woodall


Technical Report No. 06-7 (PDF | 144KB)

Approaches to the Label-Switching Problem of Classification, Based on Partition-Space Relabeling and Label-Invariant Visualization

David Farrar


Technical Report No. 06-6 (PDF | 712KB)

Clustering Monitoring Stations Based on Two Rank-Based Criteria of Similarity of Temporal Profiles

David Farrar and Eric Smith


Technical Report No. 06-5 (PDF | 363KB)

A Semiparametric Approach to Dual Modeling

Timothy J. Robinson, Jeffrey B. Birch, and B. Alden Starnes


Technical Report No. 06-4 (PDF | 1MB)

Profile Monitoring via Nonlinear Mixed Models

Willis A. Jensen and Jeffrey B. Birch


Technical Report No. 06-3 (PDF | 287KB)

A Finite Mixture Approach for Identification of Geographic Regions with Distinctive Ecological Stressor-Response Relationships

David Farrar, Samantha C. Bates-Prins, and Eric P. Smith


Technical Report No. 06-2 (PDF | 872KB)

Profile Monitoring via Linear Mixed Models

Willis A. Jensen, Jeffrey B. Birch, and William H. Woodall


Technical Report No. 06-1 (PDF | 456KB)

Statistical Monitoring of Heteroscedastic Dose-Response Profiles from High-throughput Screening

James D. Williams, Jeffrey B. Birch, William H. Woodall, and N.M. Ferry



Technical Report No. 05-7 (PDF | 319KB)   

Data Coded (TXT | 989B)

Data Original (TXT | 980B)

R Code (TXT | 35KB)

Robust Parameter Design: A Semi-Parametric Approach

Stephanie M. Pickle, Timothy J. Robinson, Jeffrey B. Birch, and Christine M. Anderson-Cook


Technical Report No. 05-6 (PDF | 279KB)

High Breakdown Estimation Methods for Phase I Multivariate Control Charts

Willis A. Jensen, Jeffrey B. Birch, and William H. Woodall


Technical Report No. 05-5 (PDF | 186KB)

A Bayesian Hierarchical Approach to Dual Response Surface Modelling

Younan Chen and Keying Ye


Technical Report No. 05-4 (PDF | 240KB)

Construction Concepts for Continuum Regression

Dan J. Spitzner

August 28, 2005


Technical Report No. 05-3 (PDF | 4MB)

Speculations Concerning the First Ultraintelligent Machine

Dr. Irving J. Good

March 7, 2005


Technical Report No. 05-1 (PDF | 490KB)

Cost Penalized Estimation and Prediction Evaluation for Split-Plot Designs

Li Liang, Christine M. Anderson-Cook, and Timothy J. Robinson

February 2, 2005



Technical Report No. 04-7

Using Control Charts to Monitor Process and Product Quality Profiles

William H. Woodall, Dan Spitzner, Douglas Montgomery, and Shilpa Gupta

July 2004


Technical Report No. 04-6 (PDF | 266KB)

Evaluating And Interpreting Interaction

Klaus Hinkelmann

December 13, 2004


Technical Report No. 04-5 (PDF | 2MB)

Distributional Properties of the Multivariate T² Statistic Based on the Successive Differences Covariance Matrix Estimator

James D. Williams, William H. Woodall, Jeffrey B. Birch, and Joe H. Sullivan

September 30, 2004

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