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Department of Statistics

    Statistics graduates show off their decorated hats
    Statistics graduates show off their decorated hats
    View in a statistics classroom
    Celebration of Excellence Luncheon
    Bill Woodall at Chalkboard
    Department of Statistics Faculty
    LISA water project meeting
    Statistics graduates listen to the keynote during graduation

The Department of Statistics at Virginia Tech offers both undergraduate and graduate training for students who wish to concentrate in theoretical or applied statistics and have programs for students interested in data analytics, computational statistics, industrial statistics and biostatistics.Our collaboration program provides opportunities to work on a variety of research projects with faculty and students from other departments. Graduates from our program have rewarding jobs in industry, academia and government.

Overview of the Jean Dickinson Gibbons Graduate Program in Statistics

Length: 03:28


Latest News

    Search Glass


Search: Assistant/Associate Professor of Practice

This position supports the educational mission of the Department of Statistics by training and educating graduate statistics students to successfully collaborate with researchers of other disciplines and to serve as statistical consultants more broadly. (Read more)

    Marcos Carzolio presents about his experiences as an on-the-ground-statistician in Mozambique.

ASA DataFest at Virginia Tech

Come to the ASA DataFest at Virginia Tech, a data-driven hackathon, taking place April 22nd – April 24th in McBryde for prizes and a chance to show off your analytical skills! Have fun competing in a local competition and exploring a dataset provided by the ASA to schools all over the US. (Read more & register)

    Eric Smith poses with Ph.D. recipients Laura Freeman and Denisa Olteanu

Alumnae Jennifer Kensler and Laura Freeman Receive Honors for Paper

Kensler and Freeman (and co-author Geoff Vining) won the 2014-2015 Quality Engineering Best Reliability Paper Award for their paper “A Practitioner’s Guide to Analyzing Reliability Experiments with Random Blocks and Subsampling”.  (Read more)

    Greg Lomaka

Greg Lomaka, one of Virginia Tech’s quadruplets, gets ready for senior year

“I want to try to do a much as I can and really enjoy my last semesters here,” said Greg Lomaka of Henrico, Virginia, a senior majoring in statistics (Read more)

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Department of Statistics (MC0439)
Hutcheson Hall, RM 406-A, Virginia Tech
250 Drillfield Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Phone: 540-231-5657
Fax: 540-231-3863

Department Head:
Ronald D. Fricker, Jr.

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