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Department of Statistics

    Statistics graduates show off their decorated hats
    Statistics graduates show off their decorated hats
    View in a statistics classroom
    Celebration of Excellence Luncheon
    Bill Woodall at Chalkboard
    Department of Statistics Faculty
    LISA water project meeting
    Statistics graduates listen to the keynote during graduation

The Department of Statistics at Virginia Tech offers both undergraduate and graduate training for students who wish to concentrate in theoretical or applied statistics and have programs for students interested in data analytics, computational statistics, industrial statistics and biostatistics.Our LISA program provides opportunities for collaboration on a variety of research projects with faculty and students from other departments. Graduates from our program have rewarding jobs in industry, academia and government.

Latest News

    Bill Woodall


Bill Woodall Selected as the W.L. Gore Keynote Speaker

The lecture series features experts in the application of probability, statistics, and experimental design to decision making. Woodall will be presenting "Monitoring and Improving Surgical Quality”. (Read more)

Batter up

Statistics, baseball go hand in glove for student

A baseball scholarship doesn't always mean playing time. For a College of Science student, it meant spending time with baseball legends and learning about the statistics of the game. (Read more)

    Search Glass

SDAL Graduate Student Opportunities

The Social and Decision Analytics Laboratory (SDAL), at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute seeks graduate students for research opportunities in statistics. (Read more)

    R in Use

Introduction to R

This introductory course assumes no previous coding experiences in R or any other language. The intended audience for this course includes researchers who want to gain basic exposure to R. (Read more)

    Olawale Awe

Unraveling statistical stumbling blocks

LISA trains statisticians to aid researchers in resolving their statistics questions. Olawale Awe is a LISA Fellow from Nigeria who hopes to create a similar laboratory when he returns to his home university. (See the video)

More News

Need statistical assistance with your research? Visit the LISA website for more information.

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Contact Information

Department of Statistics (MC0439)
Hutcheson Hall, RM 406-A, Virginia Tech
250 Drillfield Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Phone: 540-231-5657
Fax: 540-231-3863

Department Head:
Eric P. Smith

Upcoming Events

April 17: Colloquium - Tirthankar Dasgupta, Harvard University

April 24: Colloquium - TBD, TBD

May 1: Colloquium - Rui Tuo, Oak Ridge National Laboratory