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We offer Statistics Tutoring All Together (STAT) LabThe purpose of STAT Lab is to centralize office hours offered by graduate students in our department.  By centralizing, the statistics department will be able to help students struggling in statistics undergraduate courses free of charge.  More details concerning STAT Lab are provide here:

STAT Lab Policies

STAT Lab is not a statistics consulting service – people should refer to SAIG regarding the application of statistics in science (  Also, STAT Lab is not an IT service – people should refer to 4-HELP for software and hardware problems. 


When and Where

STAT Lab takes place in evenings of Sunday-Thursday.   Exact times and locations will change semester to semester depending on availability of STAT Lab tutors.   Current times and locations are stated here:

STAT Lab Schedule (By Person)
STAT Lab Schedule (By Day)
STAT Lab Schedule (By Course)

Those hosting office hours in STAT Lab are teaching assistants (as assigned by the Statistics Director of Graduate of Studies (DGS)) for statistics courses who are not instructors of record and serve as a GTA for 10 hours or more. This includes primarily graduate student graders of the classes listed above, but others may fit this category and additional assignments to the STAT Lab can be made by the DGS or other course instructors. Graduate students who are instructors of record may participate in STAT Lab as tutors as well, but the choice is theirs. Undergraduates, as approved by Dr. House, may also serve as tutors. 

  • STAT 1014 - Data in Our Lives
  • STAT 2004 - Introductory Statistics
  • CMDA 2014 – Data Matter
  • STAT 3005 - Statistical Methods I
  • STAT 3006 - Statistical Methods II
  • STAT 3104 - Probability and Distributions
  • STAT 3604 - Statistics for Social Sciences
  • STAT 3615 - Biological Statistics I
  • STAT 3616 - Biological Statistics II
  • STAT 3704 - Statistics for Engineering Applications
  • STAT 4105 - Theoretical Statistics I
  • STAT 4106 - Theoretical Statistics II
  • STAT 4204 - Experimental Design
  • STAT 4214 - Methods of Regression
  • STAT 4514 – Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis
  • STAT 4705 - Statistics for Engineers I
  • STAT 4706 - Statistics for Engineers II
  • STAT 4714 - Probability and Statistics for EE
  • STAT 5105G - Theoretical Statistics I
  • STAT 5106G - Theoretical Statistics II
  • STAT 5204G - Theoretical Statistics I
  • STAT 5214G - Theoretical Statistics II
  • STAT 5605 - Biometry I
  • STAT 5606 - Biometry II
  • STAT 5615 - Statistics in Research I
  • STAT 5616 - Statistics in Research II

Staff advisor: 

Brandy Respess,

Faculty advisor: 

Leanna House,

Students in the classes covered by STAT Lab are referred to as ``tutees.’’  Tutees are held to the standards of the Virginia Tech Academic Honor Code.  Discernment for which assignments are eligible for seeking help from tutors is the responsibility of the tutee, not the tutor.  Also, STAT Lab is not a service for tutors to complete or check homework.  Tutees should come to STAT Lab prepared to ask questions about topics in statistics classes. 

Once scheduled to attend STAT Lab, it is the responsibility of the tutor to attend each week during their entire office hours.  That is, tutors are to  host "a meeting" via their zoom id ON TIME and AT ALL TIMES.

If a tutor has a conflict and/or cannot attend their typical time, it is the tutor’s responsibility to find a substitute and do as follows:  

1.  Announce to all statistics undergrads by emailing Brandy Hayden ( with a) the course(s) for which there will be a substitute tutor, b) the STAT Lab hours impacted, and c) the name, email, and zoom id for the substitute tutor.  

2.  Change the isolated event on google calendar to update the zoom id.  To do so,  go to google calendar and change ONLY the event for the day of substitution.   

Eligible substitutes include other scheduled tutors in STAT Lab, unless permission has been granted by the faculty STAT Lab advisor.  The tutor should also alert Brandy Hayden of the substitution.  Further details concerning tutor responsibilities may be found here:

Instructions for Tutors 2020

If you have any questions about policies and procedures, please contact Brandy Respess ( for more information!