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Bachelor of Science in Statistics

Statistics as a discipline... the development and application of methods to collect, analyze, interpret, and learn from data. Since data are collected in almost every field, including the natural and social sciences, medicine, industry, finance, and engineering, statistics are crucial in understanding the world around us. Good statistical practice relies on comprehensive critical thinking that merges quantitative, mathematical and computer science skills with qualitative forms of thought, such as communicating results, assimilating new information with old, and assessing implications of discoveries. 

With this in mind, our curriculum couples math, probability, inference, and computer science courses with statistical application, technical writing, and communication classes.  We also encourage students to minor in other areas and give academic credit for internships.  When students major in Statistics, they receive a Bachelor of Science in Statistics.  Statistics majors find employment easily in  both industry and at government agencies, and are well-prepared to begin graduate school in applied areas.

How to Add a Statistics Major as your PRIMARY major

Students may add or change their primary major through Hokie Spa during the specified change of major dates below.

How to Add/Change a Statistics Major as your SECONDARY major

The department of Statistics accepts and processes requests for secondary majors at any time.

To add or change a Statistics major as your secondary major, you must download and complete the Change of Major/Minor Form and schedule an appointment with Brandy Respess to make a plan for enrolling in those courses.

Steps to schedule an appointment with Brandy Respess:

  1. Login to Navigate
  2. Click Schedule an Appointment
  3. Select Advising
  4. Select Explore Other Majors
  5. Select Explore Statistics

Once you have met with an advisor, you must submit the Change of Major/Minor form to the Statistics Document Submission Portal so that it can be signed and sent to the College of Science Dean’s Office for processing.

Important Information to Note:

Our program does require students to adhere to specific Progress Towards Degree policies, you can view those requirements in full here

Submit a form for our undergraduate academic advisor to sign:
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