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Progress Toward Degree Requirements

Though our major is not restricted, we do adhere closely to the University’s Policy 91, which is designed to make sure students stay on track for their chosen major and continue to make progress during their time at Virginia Tech. To maintain progress and graduate with a B.S. degree in Statistics (STAT), students must:

  • Obtain a grade of C- or better in all MATH, STAT, or CS designated courses for the degree.
  • Obtain the required C- in these courses with no more than two (2) attempts, including attempts ending in course withdrawal.
  • Maintain an in-major GPA of at least 2.0 when they have attempted 90 credit hours. (Attempted hours include: Transfer credit, AP or IB credit, advance standing credit, credit by examination, courses taken P/F, and courses completed with a “W” grade)

If a student violates any of these policies, they will be asked to change their major.