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Hamdy Mahmoud

Collegiate Assistant Professor


  • 2014 – Ph.D. in Statistics, Virginia Tech, (Advisor: Inyoung Kim)
  • 2010 – M.S. in Statistics, Virginia Tech,
  • 2005 – M.S. in Statistics, Cairo University, Egypt
  • 1996 – B.S. in Statistics, Cairo University, Egypt


  • 2017-present Collegiate Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech
  • 2015-present Assistant Professor, Assiut University, Egypt
  • 2015/2016 Adjunct Professor, Ahram Canadian University, Egypt
  • 2014/2015 Visiting Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech

Awards & Honors

  • Nominated for Graduate Teaching Excellence - Instructor of Record Award - at Virginia Tech by the statistics department - 2014
  • Jesse C. Arnold Award for Teaching Excellence, Statistics Department, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2012-2013 academic year
  • Travel Fund Award, GSA Travel Fund Program (TFP), Virginia Tech Fall 2014
  • Inducted into Mu Sigma Rho: National Statistical Honor Society – Virginia Tech chapter, Fall 2011.

Professional Membership

  • American Statistical Association (ASA)
  • International Biometric Society, Eastern North American Region (ENAR)
  • STAT 2004 Introductory Statistics, Fall 2014, Spring 2015 and Spring 2018
  • STAT 3005 Statistical Methods I, Spring 2013
  • STAT 3006 Statistical Methods II, Fall 2013
  • STAT 3615 Biological Statistics, Fall 2014, Spring 2015 and Spring 2018
  • STAT 4204/5204G Experimental Designs: Concept and Applications, Spring 2018
  • STAT 4514/5514G Contingency Table Analysis, Spring 2015
  • Semi/nonparametric regression models
  • Change point(s) detection
  • Environmental statistics
  • Spatial/spatio-temporal analysis

Refereed Journal Articles

  • H.F.F. Mahmoud (2018), "Simultaneous Change Points Detection Approach with an Application on Chicago Mortality Data", Journal of Applied Probability and Statistics, accepted.
  • H.F.F. Mahmoud, I. Kim and H. Kim (2016), "Semiparametric Single Index Multi-Change Points Model with an Application of Environmental Health Study on Mortality and Temperature", Environmetrics, Volume 27, Issue 8, pp. 494-506. 

Conference Proceedings

  • H.F.F. Mahmoud and A.R. Zahran (2005), "Bayesian Estimation of Variance Components in 3-Fold Nested mixed Model Using Gibbs Sampling", The Proceedings of the 17th Annual Conference of Statistics Department, Faculty of Economic and Political Sciences, Cairo University, Egypt, pp. 123-140.