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Xinwei Deng



  • Ph.D., School of Industrial and Systems Engineering,
    Georgia Institute of Technology (Aug. 2004 – Aug. 2009)
    Advisors: Professor C. F. Jeff Wu and Professor Ming Yuan
    Major concentration: Statistics
    Minor: Optimization
  • B.S., Mathematics,
    Nanjing University, China (Sep. 1999 – July 2003)

Awards & Honors

  • Recipient of Mentoring Project Award, Virginia Tech, 2012
  • International Travel Supplemental Grant (ITSG) Award, Virginia Tech, 2012
  • NSF Travel Support, International Conference on Robust Statistics (ICORS), 2012
  • QPRC Student Scholarship, Quality and Productivity Research Conference, 2008
  • DAE Conference Support for Junior Researchers, Design and Analysis of Experiments
    Conference, 2007
  • JRC Student Scholarship, Joint Research Conference, 2006
  • Kiplinger Fellowship, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2004, 2005

Professional Membership

  • Member of American Statistical Association
  • Member of International Chinese Statistical Association
  • Member of Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS)


  • Stat 6404: Multivariate Analysis: Advanced Topics, Spring 2013
  • Stat 5504: Multivariate Methods, Fall 2012
  • Stat 5304: Statistical Computing, Spring 2012
  • Stat 5525: Data Analytics I, Fall 2011
  • Interface between design of experiments and machine learning
  • Model and analysis of high-dimensional data
  • Covariance matrix estimation and its applications
  • Statistical methods to Nanotechnology
  • Statistical modeling with applications in financial services
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  • Jin, R. and Deng, X. (2014). Ensemble Modeling for Data Fusion in Manufacturing Process Scale-up, IIE Transactions, to appear. pdf
  • Deng, X., Hung, Y. and Lin, C. D. (2014). Design for Computer Experiments with Qualitative and Quantitative Factors, StatisticaSinica, to appear. pdf
  • Deng, X. and Jin, R. (2014). QQ Models: Joint Modeling for Quantitative and Qualitative Quality Responses in Manufacturing Systems, Technometrics, accepted.  
  • Jiang, H. J., Deng, X., Lopez, V., and Hamann, H. (2014). Online Updating of Computer Model Output Using Real-time Sensor Data, Technometrics, accepted.
  • Zeng, L., Deng, X., and Yang, J. (2014). Constrained Hierarchical Modeling of Degradation Data in Tissue-engineered Scaffold Fabrication, IIE Transactions, accepted.
  • Wang, X., Wu, S., Wang, K., Deng, X., Liu, L., and Cai, Q. (2014). Spatial Calibration Model for Nanotube Film Quality Prediction, IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, accepted.
  • Sun, H., Deng, X., Wang, K., and Jin, R. (2014). Logistic Regression for Crystal Growth Process Modeling through Hierarchical Nonnegative Garrote based Variable Selection, revision for IIE Transactions.
Xinwei Deng
Xinwei Deng, Statistics