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Mu Sigma Rho at Virginia Tech

Mu Sigma Rho is the National Statistics Honor Society which was founded at Iowa State University in 1968 by Ted Bancroft, David Huntsberger, and Oscar Kempthorne. The organization's membership includes students, both undergraduate and graduate, faculty, and honorary members in 17 chapters throughout the country. The purpose of our society is to promote and encourage scholarly activity in statistics and to recognize achievement among students and faculty.

The Virginia Alpha Chapter of Mu Sigma Rho was established at Virginia Tech in 1979. The chapter meets twice a year. At the fall meeting in November new members are recognized and presented with certificates. The spring meeting is held in April to announce the results of the election of officers for the upcoming term. As part of the chapter's commitment to excellence in statistics, a speaker is sponsored at both meetings in conjunction with the weekly colloquium series in the Department of Statistics at Virginia Tech.

Undergraduate Students

  • Must be seeking a bachelor's degree in statistics
  • Two years of coursework towards the degree must be completed
  • Eight credit hours must be statistics course work with at least five of these credit hours being at the junior level or higher
  • In-major QCA of at least 3.25 and be in top 1/3 of their class (junior or senior)

Graduate Students

Must have completed at least 12 or more graduate credit hours in statistics

QCA of 3.5 or better


Lata Kodali
408 Hutcheson Hall


Danni Lu
408 Hutcheson Hall


Huiying Mao
402 Hutcheson Hall

Faculty Advisor

Inyoung Kim
410A Hutcheson Hall

Mu Sigma Rho provides a list of tutors for a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses to Virginia Tech students. This list is kept in the main office of the statistics department, 406-A Hutcheson Hall.

  • Dr. Art Owen (Stanford University) - Fall 2017
  • Dr. James Scott (University of Texas at Austin) - Spring 2017
  • Dr. Barry Nussbaum (EPA) - Spring 2016
  • Dr. Brian Reich (North Carolina State University) - Fall 2015
  • Dr. Jessica Utz (University of California Irvine) - Spring 2015
  • Dr. Jim Hobert (University of Florida) - Fall 2014
  • Dr. Mike West (Duke University) - Spring 2014
  • Dr. Marie Davidian (North Carolina State University) - Fall 2013
  • Dr. William Notz (Ohio State University) - Spring 2013
  • Dr. Peter Bickel (University of California Berkley) - Fall 2012
  • Dr. Alan Gelfand (Duke University) - Spring 2012
  • Dr. Max Morris (Iowa State) - Fall 2011
  • Dr. Dipek Dey (University of Connecticut) - Spring 2011
  • Dr. Dennis Lin (Pennsylvania State University) - Fall 2010
  • Dr. Douglas Zahn (Florida State University) - Spring 2010
  • Dr. Montserrat Fuentes (North Carolina State University) - Fall 2009
  • Dr. Jerry Oglesby (SAS) - Spring 2009
  • Dr. J. Stuart Hunter - Fall 2008
  • Dr. Oliver Schabenberger (SAS Institute Inc.) - Spring 2008
  • Dr. Alan Agresti (University of Florida) - Fall 2007
  • Dr. Andrew Lawson (University of South Carolina) - Spring 2007
  • Dr. Klaus Hinkelmann (Virginia Tech) - Fall 2006
  • Dr. Douglas M. Hawkins (University of Minnesota) - Spring 2006
  • Dr. Raymond H. Myers (Virginia Tech) - Fall 2005
  • Dr. Paul F. Velleman (Cornell University) - Spring 2005
  • Dr. Raymond H. Myers (Virginia Tech) - Fall 2004
  • Dr. Norman Draper (University of Wisconsin) - Spring 2004
  • Dr. Michael Lavine (Duke University) - Fall 2003
  • Dr. John A. Cornell (University of Florida) - Spring 2003
  • Dr. Angela Neff-Patterson (General Electric) - Fall 2002