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Jean Dickinson Gibbons Graduate Program in Statistics

Current demand of industry, government, and universities for qualified statisticians far exceeds supply, a trend the is projected to continue for years to come. 

Our graduate programs specialize in training students in statistical theory balanced with extensive applications including practical experience via our collaboration and consulting program. The 18-month master's degree program is a model of the time-efficient education of statisticians while the doctoral program allows candidates to specialize in General Statistical Methodology and Theory; Statistics for Business, Government, and Industry; Biostatistics; Computational Statistics; or Environmental Statistics.

Graduate students are encouraged to participate in internships at companies and industries for the summer (three month internships) or for extended periods of time (up to seven months for Ph.D. students). Additionally, M.S. students are required to participate in statistical consulting for at least one semester and Ph.D. students for at least three semesters. Students gain extensive experience with modern statistical software for experimental design, data management and analysis, and computer programming for statistical purposes.

In recent years, nearly 100% of our graduate students obtain employment in statistics upon completion of their degrees.

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