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General Information About Courses

The Department of Statistics provides a well-rounded education to students in statistics and other disciplines. Refer to the Virginia Tech Course Timetable to learn when and by whom the courses are taught.


Course Duplications

No credit will be given for more than one course in each of the following groups (in parentheses) of partially duplicated courses: (3005, 3615, 4604). (3006, 3616, 4604, 4706). (4105, 4705, 4714, 4724). No credit will be given for: 2004 if taken with or after any other statistics course; 2404 if taken with or after any of 3104, 4105, 4705, 4714, 4724; 3604 if taken with or after any statistics course except 2004, 2404, 3104. MSci 2405 may not be used as a substitute for credit as a statistics course. Exceptions to this rule may be granted if the student was officially registered as a Business major at the time MSci 2405 was taken.

Computer Literacy

Many statistics courses involve the use of statistical software; primarily MINITAB or SAS. Experience with the software is not expected, but students should have familiarity with either the Windows or MacIntosh operating system and access to a computer. These courses are specified by "WIN/MAC" under prerequisites.

Course Projects

Many of the upper-division course descriptions include the word "Project." Those courses will usually include a major term project, either individually or in small groups. These projects are designed to give students the kind of insight and experience in realistic statistical practice that cannot be obtained in classroom lectures or short-term homework assignments.

For course enrollment problems or force add questions please contact:

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