Each colloquium is held from 3:30 to 4:45 in room 300 in Seitz, unless otherwise noted. Please check back often for updates.


January 26
Richard Hahn
University of Chicago

Bayesian Causal Forests


March 16
James Scott
University of Texas at Austin

Finding radiological anomalies


March 21
Chin-Shang Li
University of California-Davis

A Generalized Partially Linear Single-Index Model with Its Applications


March 23
Roshan Joseph
Georgia Tech

Deterministic Sampling Techniques for Bayesian Computation


March 28
Hongmei Zhang
University of Memphis

From variable selection to differential Bayesian networks


March 30
William Myers

New Experimental Design Methods for Computer Experiments


April 13
Jennifer Hoeting
Colorado State

Parameter inference and model selection in deterministic and stochastic dynamical models


April 20
Derek Bingham
Simon Frasier University

Bayesian model calibration for generalized linear models: An application in radiation transport


April 27
Nalini Ravishanker
University of Connecticut, Storrs

Modeling Inter-event Financial Durations using Martingale Estimating Functions





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