Can I get college credit for advanced placement statistics?  

Yes. If you take the AP Statistics exam and receive a score of 3 or 4, you receive credit for STAT 2004 Introductory Statistics. A score of 5 earns credit for STAT 3005 Statistical Methods I. The score must be forwarded directly from the testing service to Virginia Tech and must include your name, social security number, and AP exam score.

AP credit at Virginia Tech is also available in many other areas. Students may obtain up to 38 semester hours of credit through AP exams. A complete list of areas where AP credit may be earned is available on the Registrar''s website.


What classes should I take to prepare me for the VT statistics program?

The list below contains courses that would best prepare you for a major in statistics. They are suggestions or recommendations, not requirements. For advice tailored to your own situation, call or e-mail the undergraduate administrator.


High School Courses

Mathematics: Precalculus, Calculus, AP Calculus

Computer Science: Any programming language such as C or Java

Statistics: AP Statistics


College Courses

Mathematics: Calculus (same courses as for mathematics and engineering majors), Linear Algebra, Vector Geometry

Computer Science: Introduction to Computer Science, C Programming.

Statistics: Introduction to Statistics, and any other courses available

Sciences: Introductory lecture/lab sequence in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. Courses taken in theses sciences should be suitable for majors in those sciences.


Can statistics major get a minor or double major in another field?

Most certainly. Because of the strong mathematics component of our program, statistics majors complete a math minor. Many STAT majors also complete a second major, such as math, or a second minor, such as economics.


Can I receive a degree in honors?

In 1993 the Department of Statistics initiated a Degree in Honors program and the first graduate of that new program was in May, 1994.

Degree in Honors candidates must be members of the University Honors Program and are required to maintain a very strong academic record. The program enables a student to craft an individualistic course of study cutting across departments and colleges, not just in the major department. The Degree in Honors is noted on the student's diploma and transcript.

For further information, consult the Department of Statistics Honors Advisor and the University Honors Program Office.