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Woodall paper honored with ASQ Lloyd Nelson Award

July 2, 2015

Bill Woodall
Bill Woodall

Bill Woodall has received the 2014 American Society for Quality Statistics Division's Lloyd Nelson Award for a recent publication. The award will be presented at this year’s Fall Technical Conference in Houston, Texas on Thursday, October 8th – just prior to the Youden Address.

This award recognizes the Journal of Quality Technology article from the previous year of “greatest immediate impact to practitioners”. Woodall received this award in recognition of an article written with Allison Jones-Farmer, Stefan Steiner, and Charles Champ entitled "An Overview of Phase I Analysis for Process Improvement and Monitoring,” which appeared in the July 2014 issue of JQT.

Article Summary:

This article provides an overview and perspective on the Phase I collection and analysis of data for use in process improvement and control charting. In Phase I, the focus is on understanding the process variability, assessing the stability of the process, investigating process improvement ideas, selecting an appropriate in-control model, and providing estimates of the in-control model parameters. The article reviews and synthesizes many of the important developments that pertain to the analysis of process data in Phase I. The authors give their view of the major issues and developments in Phase I analysis. Current best practices are identified, as are some opportunities for future research in this area.

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