Financial Aid

Graduate assistantships are available with stipends of between $1600 and $1750 per month depending on qualifications at the graduate level. Such appointments allow the appointee to carry a maximum of 12 hours of graduate study per semester. In addition, those on a full assistantship receive a full tuition waiver from the university. Research assistantships carrying similar stipends are available for advanced students. Financial aid is available for the summer on a limited basis.

In addition to the regular graduate assistantships (teaching or research), special assistantships are occasionally provided by donors, as well as federal and state agencies. In particular, starting in academic year 2017-18, we will be awarding two Jean Gibbons Teaching Fellowships to applicants who are US citizens or permanent residents.

Students in statistics are also eligible to apply directly to the National Science Foundation for fellowships.

All applicants will be considered for funding. However, funding is limited and not all applicants will be offered funding. Funding awards are announced in February and March. Applications received later than January 31 will be considered, as long as funds remain available.


The instructional fee (tuition) for full-time students (12 credit hours) for the 2013-2014 academic year is $5,511.50 per semester. This tuition is waived for full-time assistantship holders. All full-time graduate students must also pay a comprehensive fee of about $900 per semester that includes student health services, the recreational fee, and bus service. For out-of-state students the tuition cost is $11,073.00 per semester. However, an out-of-state graduate student pays the in-state tuition rate if they earn $4000 or more as a graduate assistant.



The University provides a limited number of housing units for graduate students, but many attractive apartments and other housing units are available in Blacksburg and the surrounding area.